This question is easily answered: not at all. There is no better and worse. But that used to be the case with modern random generators. Why? Simply because each new event, i.e. whether the player wins or loses, does not depend on past events. Sometimes it may seem so. You play and nothing happens forever. Then you win and right away again on the next spin. Now you can think the machine is “hot”. But that’s just coincidence. Any win is just as likely. And over time, it’s possible that such wins will be relatively close together. This is not only possible but also very likely if you play often and long enough. That’s why there are no hot or cold slot machines. Only by looking at the data afterwards can one, for example, identify a longer period of losses. Then you can say that the machine was “cold” during this period. But these phases are just as random as the big wins or even a string of wins.

Slot machines increase chance of winning

Slot machines increase chance of winning

Basically, it’s all about increasing your chances of winning – using all the tricks available to you. Now we already know that there are no secret tricks and you can’t win by simply pressing a button. What there are, however, are extreme differences between slot machines. Alone when you decide where to play: game library, casino/casino or online casino. Obviously, the costs for an online casino are the lowest and apart from server bandwidth and maybe some support, you cost the online casino practically nothing. This is different in a game library or casino where the organizer has to rent a huge room and every single game costs money. At least slot machines don’t have dealers – yet they take up space. That means: a casino has to earn significantly more money with you than an online casino, for example, in order to cover its costs.

And that brings us to the most important point: if possible, play in a reputable online casino because the bottom line is that the payouts are better there.

But that doesn’t mean anything, because even in an online casino there are slot machines with bad payouts. What the online casino is speculating on is that you don’t inform yourself and just happen to end up at one of these machines. You must not do them a favor under any circumstances. Look for slot machines in advance that are fun, but also have a high RTP (this is how the payout ratio is expressed). You can find more information about RTP here.

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