Before the first euro is bet, you should read the following 5 tips for online casino beginners very carefully and write them behind your ears. These will help you to make the right decisions.

Tip 1: When it comes to gambling, fun must come first

To start with, there are the most important of all beginner tips for online casinos: Have fun with the game! Sounds clumsy, but it is of elementary importance for success in gambling! Online gambling games are a modern form of entertainment. That’s exactly how you should approach it and therefore immerse yourself in the exciting, exciting world of online casinos solely for fun and thrills.

The prospect of (very) attractive cash prizes is given. And it is precisely the newcomers who are kissed by Fortuna, the goddess of luck, who have the notorious beginner’s luck on their side and regularly make profits. Sometimes very significant. Of course, there is no guarantee of this and no profits are to be expected. In any case, the sole aim should never be to want to earn money in the online casino. Anyone who enters the virtual arcade with these false expectations can only lose.

It is wiser and more advisable to play freely, not to put pressure on yourself and to enjoy the time and the game.

Tip 2: Do not use money that is needed

Do not use money that is needed

Only play in the online casino with money that you really have left over! While most novice gamblers have this level of common sense and foresight, this important aspect needs to be included in online casino tips for beginners. You should never feed the casino games with money that you actually need to cover your running costs (rent, utilities, insurance, etc.) or for upcoming or planned purchases. The rule of thumb is:

If you can’t afford to lose money, don’t play at the casino!

The amount that you want to invest for gambling in the online casino should be written off in advance. If the gaming session ends without a loss or even with a win, all the better. But if the money is lost, it must not be a personal horror scenario. It is also important to avoid the widespread gambling mistake of wanting to get back losses suffered by adding new money.

Tip 3: Determine the game budget: Play with fixed limits & stick to them

When it comes to casino gambling for beginners, it can be observed again and again that many beginners give little or no thought to the handling of their gaming balance! Clever casino bankroll management is very important, especially when gambling, and is the basis for long-term gaming fun (and success). But what do you have to consider when managing your gaming balance?

Based on your available bank balance in the casino, a fixed amount is determined before the upcoming gaming session that you want to gamble away as a maximum. The budget applies to the entire game round. It is important to stick strictly to your own loss limit! More may not be used and/or gambled away in the online casino on this day. This procedure is also recommended for any winnings! As a result, you determine a target amount before the start of the game, which ideally will be won. If the sum is reached, it’s over!

Money management in the online casino requires self-discipline! But you have to show them when gambling. If you cannot seriously use real money in the online casino, it is better not to start gambling in the first place. The risk of becoming addicted to gambling is simply too great.

Conveniently, in the sense of responsible gaming, you can set your own and different limits in every reputable online casino. These can be both deposit limits and maximum losses. The periods can be selected individually – per day, week or month.

Tip 4: Careful entry: start with risk-free demo versions in the online casino

Careful entry

Of course, one of the best online casino tips for beginners is to use the free and risk-free fun mode! Only play money is used here and you still get a real gambling feeling, even if the adrenaline rush is missing. Nevertheless, the demo versions are ideal for the first steps in the online casino and extensive testing!

Fortunately, many providers allow almost the entire range of games to be used in demo versions just for fun. Not only the popular online slot machines, but also the majority of table and card games such as roulette, blackjack and Co.

The live casino – if available – is excluded from this! Live games are always played for real money. However, you can follow the gameplay as a silent and passive observer.

Also note that not every casino has slots with play money in the quiver and use is usually only possible if you are logged in and have set up an account accordingly. As an online casino beginner, only join a provider with a practice mode. Because this offers invaluable advantages for several reasons, which you should not do without:

  • On the one hand you can play completely risk-free and without spending a cent! A cautious approach to gambling is therefore possible.
  • At the same time, newcomers to casinos do not run the risk of squandering their entire gaming balance in a hurry due to a lack of experience or knowledge.
  • On the other hand, the practice mode of the games also gives beginners a realistic feeling for the process and how virtual gambling works. Because the gameplay in play money and real money mode is largely identical. Only special game or bonus functions are not always on board the demo versions. But the general procedure in the online casinos is wonderful to get up close and personal with.
  • In this way you can also familiarize yourself with the exact rules of the game for individual titles in practice.
  • The fun mode of the casino games is easy to activate. As a rule, it is sufficient if you navigate with the cursor over the preview image of the desired game. There are corresponding instructions, which read, for example, “Try for fun”, “Play for fun”, “Play for free” or “Demo”.

Tip 5: This is how you find the right game as an online casino beginner

An XXL selection awaits you in the online casinos. Several hundred games are standard, well over 1,000 or even 2,000 are not uncommon. The popular slots account for the mammoth share by far. Such a huge selection of games can be overwhelming for beginners in the gambling world. So how should you go about finding the right game?

Supposedly good tips for online casino beginners, such as trying out the range offered in the casino games list on a large scale in fun mode to your heart’s content, are only advisable to a limited extent. Because once you have tested 10, 20 or even more casino games, you will hardly remember the advantages of the first let alone all games. So my general advice:

  • Don’t make science out of the search for the right game. Just don’t rack your brains! If a game immediately interests, likes and/or excites you, then you should play it. Leave it at a few casino games for now. And don’t forget: Before playing for real money, read the rules, find out the payout percentage and try it out thoroughly in fun mode. The be-all and end-all is that you understand the game!
  • Once you have gained your first valuable online casino experience, you can always turn to other games at a later date.

Apart from your own interests and preferences, as an online casino beginner you should consider the level of difficulty. Simple games are the best choice. Well-known classics such as roulette and blackjack serve as good examples. Both relatively simple casino games, which also lure with the best chances of winning. The catch: According to the new online casino regulations, table and card games are prohibited. The range of games is therefore often limited to slot machines. But these online slots are also predestined for your casino entry. Then:

  • No specific skills are required or mastery of special strategies required.
  • Operation is child’s play.
  • Slots can be played with just a few cents per spin.

One of the important online casino tips for beginners, however, is that classic slots with 3 reels should be played for the time being. These are particularly beginner-friendly, simply structured and offer a very tidy playing surface. A prominent representative of popular 3-reel machines is Triple Triple Chance from Merkur! In addition, beginners should prefer slots with low volatility, such as the classic Starburst or Jack Hammer. The risk is generally lower and the payouts are more frequent on average, albeit smaller wins. The more frequent payouts increase motivation and fun.

On the other hand, there are modern, complex slot machines with 5 reels, which are equipped with a wide variety of features (bonus meter, megaways, etc.) and special games. Here you get a lot more variety in the long run. However, a certain amount of experience is helpful. Until you have this, your credo when choosing a game should be: Simplicity is the key!

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