In order to be able to broker and offer bets, every bookmaker needs a special license. This is usually assigned by the city or district in which the bookmaker is located. As a customer, you can always find out about the license in the imprint of the respective provider. Some providers also list your license in the footer. The licenses that are currently the safest are given in Gibraltar and Malta. Gambling laws there place a special emphasis on customer safety.

Seal of approval

In addition to the granting of licenses, there are independent institutes that check bookmakers online. These include, for example, the TÜV or eCogra. If a bookmaker can show such a seal of approval, one can assume a certain seriousness.


The established providers of bets on the Internet are now part of a multimedia group. Some of them have even made it to the stock exchange and are therefore full-fledged companies. You can research all this information on the respective website.



Another factor is the activity of sponsors. Betting providers on the Internet and in general gain some credibility when they are sponsored and in turn sponsored by already popular partners. Without exception, the best providers are represented in top-class sport and are active there.

How a bet works in sports

Betting is not particularly complicated. In fact, they usually work quite simply. The following explains how it works using a normal bet in football.

What are the typical types of bets at the bookmaker – betting slip tips?

Even if the different betting providers differ greatly from each other, one can generally speak of three types of bets. These are combinations, solo bets and system bets.

Solo bets mean that the stake is placed on a single outcome. This then requires that exactly the previously suspected event occurs for a win. An example of a single bet would be that Team A will win over Team B 2-1. Only with this result do you win as a player.

As the name suggests, combinations allow you as a player to combine several events in one bet. Since the chance of winning is also minimized here, the potential profit increases drastically. Because predicting the correct result in three games, for example, is much less likely than doing it in just one. But can this also be implemented? Because even if you guessed two games correctly, a mistake in the third game can turn the entire win into a loss.

Encounter tip rate

Encounter tip rate
  • A: TSG 1899 Hoffenheim – Borussia Mönchengladbach draw 3,3
  • B: SC Freiburg – 1. FC Köln home win 2.6
  • C: Bayer 04 Leverkusen – Hamburger SV home win 1.45
  • D: Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich draw 3.5
  • Total odds 10.85
  • Bet €10
  • Possible profit €108.50

System bets are used as a safeguard for combination tips. The system tips are to a certain extent a safeguard for the combination bet. Because here you can still secure a part of the profit, despite the fact that some tips are wrong in a combination bet.

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